Financial collapse of the Regal Theatre in Bathgate has saw SSW returns to its old stomping ground Bathgate Scout Hall.

Since 2011 SSW ran the Regal theatre monthly, bringing entertaining family shows to the community. Now we see a breif return to the 'Spiritual home' of the Scout Hall, ran between 2007-2011. This has saw many including fan favourite and former SSW champion Kaiden King very excited at the prospect.

With many former wrestlers, including some of the newer ones excited to take a short nostalgic trip down memory lane

One man who certainly is not happy with return is SSW Worlds champion Mikey Ratings who has seen this as a collapse and a downgrade. Sighting that it is due to this 'Nostalgia' and not letting go of the 'Old Guard' like Damage INc, Muzlem and others which hinders, which he sees as his companies growth and progress.

The champion will be busy defending his title on the night but has promised that there will be the biggest shake up in the companies history and that this Meltdown that SSW is facing is simply clearing away all the deadwood. He was quoted as saying "Kintsugi in Japan is when you repair old broken things using gold...well SSW is exactly that...BROKEN! and well i have a plan to fix it using Kintsugi"

Who knows what that could mean for SSW and the return to Bathgate Scout hall... one thing for certain is that the champion has definetely been disgruntled with what he sees as the poor booking of shows and the use of certain talent he deems irrelevant. With owner Dave Jeremi having angered him over recent months, not featuring the champion in the main event slot, opting for older more established names. It may be Dave that suffers the wrath of the 7ft champions aggression.


Sara will be at 2011days as champion...YES OVER FIVE YEARS THE SSW DIAMONDS CHAMPION... she has beaten everyone Carmel, Kay Lee Ray, Bobbi Tyler, Leah Owens, Casey Owens, Lucy Cole, Emily Hayden, Lana Austin... the list seems never ending.

Well now she faces Jokey, a newcomer to SSW but not wrestling, she is a wild unknown quantity in the company, accompanied to the ring with her partner the 'Italian Sensation' Paxxo. Can she tare the belt from the champions iron like grip? or will Sara prove that Diamonds are indeed forever!

ThumbnailA Return home for DAMAGE INc

The return home to the old stomping ground of the Bathgate Scout Hall will be a return home for Damage INc who inflicted pain on all their opponents there from 2007-2011.

The 4x SSW tag team champion were immediately confirmed for the Meltdown show and have laid an open challenge to any SSW tag teams past or present! who will accept their challenge on September 30th?

Get your tickets at the door on the night to see it live...

SSW Website Returns
After a few years away the Scottish School of Wrestling are finally bringing back their website to keep you up to date on all things SSW related... from birthday parties, training schools, live events and everything else inbetween past present and future.

We just ask you be patient as the site undergoes a major overhaul from before, Thanks you all again :)

ThumbnailCountdown is ON!!!
2017 will mark the 11th annual TMT (Ten Man Title) match and the statistics look ominous for the popular champion.

This will be the first time ever that Dave Jeremi will head into the match as champion and as he will be very well aware NONE of the previous 10 champions have entered this now infamous match and left still champion.

So what can we expect to see this year in arguably SSWs biggest match of the year, with their very own unique match....well???


The rules of TMT
Ten Man Title match has ran since 2007 and has always been for the SPWO U.K. Title, the rules are as follows;

- Two men start the match with one other added every 2 minutes until all men have entered (entry is drawn at randon)

You can be eliminated in the following ways
- Pinfall
- Submission
- Put through a table
- Thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor

- No DQ and the last man left all others have been eliminated is declared the winner.

The History
2007 - Muzlem lost the title to Jason Bang
2008 - Chris Bang lost the title to U.K. Kid
2009 - U.K. Kid lost the title to BT Gunn
2010 - BT Gunn lost the title to Andy Wild
2011 - Muzlem lost the title to MVK Valkabius
2012 - MVK Valkabious lost the title to Dickie Divers
2013 - Nathan Black lost the title to El Technico
2014 - El Technico lost the title to Chris Bang
2015 - Ron Jeremi lst the title to Muzlem
2016 - G.I. Joe lost the title to Dave Jeremi

ThumbnailTainted Tradition 2017

The man without a mask.... everyone went crazy at the Regal Theatre at Summersmash, when Wee Jay Smalls finally stuck up for himself. Following months of bullying, first at the hands of Brandon Adams, it was then added to by Muzlem.

Things reached a head though, as after Muzlem had Chantelle pubically humiliate Smalls by dumping him live on the show. Smalls would later take off the mask and turn on Muzlem with a raucus Regal crowd behind him.An enraged Muzlem however immediately demanded a match between them at Tainted Tradition, can Wee Jay now defeat Muzlem in the ring... Find out live by getting your tickets from the Regal Theatre.

ThumbnailSHOWDOWN 2017

Following Tainted Tradition 2017, SSW will have its debut show in Fauldhouse.

With the SESH having split at eVo in Blackburn in June 2017, they would soon clash again at Summersmash...well now the two men can face off in Kaiden Kings home town of Fauldhouse. These best friends now make better enemies! as Kaiden once grew up idolising Muzlem, but now aims to avenge him and once again make himself the 24/7 SSW Hardcore champion.

Get your tickets via facebook now to secure your place...

The Very Good Mr 24/7 Champion - (Saturday, 26th April 2014)

After a 547 day title reign Effen Awsome was finally overturned by Charles Boddington and his BCW goons. Boddington initiated the 24/7 title rules before haveing Effen and Mackie laid out in the ring.

Drake stone would take advantage, getting the pin on Effen becoming the new champion and ending the Effen Awsome title run. 39 seconds later Mackie would mist Drake and use a small package to take the title and become the latest champion.

24/7 rules means that chaos is now set to ensue, with Crash Holly/ Screaming Norman Smiley type shennanigans sure to follow... stay tuned.

New Training Centre set to open - (Tuesday, 22nd April 2014)

After 8 years in the old DOJO in Whitburn, the Scottish School of Wrestling have now relocated to Bathgate.

In a new purpose built two story venue, the new and old trainees will now enjoy 24 hour access to a Ring with matted area, a gym and also a huge upstairs matted area.

More information coming soon including information on the launch date and open day where you can drop by and check it out.

SSW the very best in professional wrestling training and entertainment.

Sad passing of a WWE Legend - (Tuesday, 8th April 2014)

After 18 years away from WWE, the Ultimate Warrior finally returned to the place he made his name. Entering the 2014 Hall of Fame class alongside other legends like Jake Roberts and Razor Ramon, it made one of the strongest groups ever to be inducted.

Warrior then appeared on Monday night Raw addressing his fans with what now seems like a final goodbye which he could never have foreseen.

On the 8th he would then tragically pass away, leaving a wife and kids... our thoughts and prayer go out to his family, and a huge thank you to a Warrior than will never be forgotten.

Set to TAKE HIM OUT!!! - (Friday, 21st March 2014)

Davey Blaze is set to return to SSW for the first time since 2010. A young rookie back then Blaze has since went on to great success all over the U.K., mainly in BCW, ICW and PBW in Scotland.

Davey has also since appeared on ITV show take me out and BBC documentary Insane Fight Club.

Saturday the 29th of March he will aim to 'TAKE OUT' Kid Fite at the Regal Theatre in Bathgate, Tickets available now from the Regal box office.

NEW SSW Champion - (Saturday, 22nd February 2014)

Mike Musso finally became the new SSW champion after waiting since November 2013 to get his long overdue title shot, following his Regal Rumble win.

Charles Boddington was not impressed by Mike's attitude before and after the match, now seeming to have his sights set on his 'favourite' Kid Fite to take the title.

The Resistance - (Saturday, 25th January 2014)

After Boddington made Muzlem leave the building taking not only his company, kotb place and his title from him. Muzlem went and contacted other members of the roster who do not particularly like the idea of Charles Boddington taking over.

Muzlem and Effen Awsome rushed the ring after the main event and promised that they would be bringing their own unique type of Deviant Destruction to the Regal Theatre on Saturday the 22nd of February.

A New King is Crowned! - (Saturday, 25th January 2014)

After appearing with the BCW title KID FITE would then reveal 'THE HOSTILE TAKEOVER' with Charles Boddington then revealing himself as the new owner and sending former owner Muzlem home.

Fite receiving a bye in the quarter final against Muzlem would go in fresh against young favourite Kenny Williams, then on to defeat the SPWO U.K. champion El Technico in the Final. This tournament win secures Fite a a 12 month title shot for any title, anywhere and at any time. With the new owner in his corner and the muscle of TJ Rage, the sky seems the limit for this most hated but undeniably talented young wrestler.

NEW OWNER REVEALED! - (Saturday, 25th January 2014)

Well after a whole lot of speculation and uncertainty last year, we finally found out who now owns the Scottish School of Wrestling. 'The Manager of Champions' Charles Boddington who used to manage WWE stars Drew McIntyre and Sheamus and is also the owner of BCW British Championship Wrestling appeared on the night. He did not come alone as he was backed by BCW stars TJ Rage and current BCW heavyweight champion Kid Fite.

What does Boddington have in store for SSW??

NEW SPWO U.K. Champion - (Sunday, 24th November 2013)

Once again the curse of the infamous 10 man title match strikes, Nathan Black another victim added to the list of TMT entrants as champions leaving without the title. Since 2007 not one champion has entered the match and retained the title and 2013 was to be no different.

New champion El Technico was the man who managed to secure the victory and the title.
Click here for the video...

<<< Will anyone ever end the championship losing streak in TMT now set at 0-7

Diamonds are Forever - (Sunday, 24th November 2013)

Following the last show of 2013, Sara had racked up an amazing 604 days as SSW Diamonds champion... much like her music 'Diamonds are forever' by Kanye West, it would appear that it would indeed be Sara that is the Diamonds champion forever.

For some clips of Sara in action.
Click here for the video...

<<< The very beautiful but much despised SSW Diamonds champion Sara

NEW OWNER All change on lead up to Christmas- (Saturday, 16th November 2013)
Having already seen many different changes through the year, the new owner of SSW has remained a mysterious figure. Now with 2013 almost finished he/she has began implementing the biggest changes. A show a month at the Regal in 2014, all event names dropped and a new roster being revealed until January show.

The biggest news however is that there will be no December show, meaning the end of the Redemption event which has ran since 2006.

Who is this new person to lead them into battle in 2014???

<<< Where and when will we discover the identity of the new SSW Owner?

Prince of Pain Retires! - (Saturday, 9th November 2013)
After a long losing streak the 7ft Prince of Pain announced if he didn't secure a win up until and inclduing the Regal Rumble, he would quit pro wrestling.

Only fitting that he made it to the final two, before being eliminated by his trainer, the man who brought him into wrestling Mike Musso, would by his own hands take him out.

Everyone at SSW would like to wish Tom Bater (Prince of Pain) and his family all the best... and THANK YOU!

<<< Musso wins Rumble as Prince of Pain retires

Falcon GETS SMASHED! - (Saturday, 26th October 2013)
Falcon not happy on how the LosT Luchadors title runs had gone, was left furious at the fan fare and welcome back that his tag team partner, El Technico recieved returning from Canada after a 3 month spell at Lance Storms training academy.

Falcon would attack his partner before later issuing an open challenge, Max Mayhem would grab Muzlem backstage and thus the Super SMASHED Bro's were formed... leaving Falcon in a crippled heap and Guts N Glory as NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.


Musso's sights set on Black! - (Saturday, 29th June 2013)
Mike Musso can so close to becoming the new SPWO U.K. champion at wrestlers, cheated from what looked like certain victory by Gwen and Bang Tidy Britain. Black would scrap a win that night before going on to add more glory defeating Scott Renwick for the SSW Worlds Title.

<<< Mike now has his sights sets on Black and had this to say after the Wrestlewars event.

Black day in SSW as new champion crowned! - (Saturday, 29th June 2013)
Nathan Black seized advantage of an injured Scott Renwick, finally cashing in his KOTB title shot. SSW Champion Scotty had been addressing the crowd regarding a career threatening injury, was then attacked by Bang Tidy Britain leaving him laying in the ring. As the crowd chanted 'Scotty' the sound of a missile strike hit Before Nathan Black made his way to the ring. He handed the briefcase to the referee who called for the bell...

So after 519day the longest reigning SSW champion and second longest reigning champion ever in SSW was dethroned. Who can stop the new champion Nathan Black to seems impossible to defeat since teaming with the Siren Sara.

EFFEN is the WARZONE! - (Saturday, 29th June 2013)
A one man wrecking crew has never meant as much as when describing Effen Awsome. His second ever Warzone win and another title defense for this brutal MANIMAL.

The rules of the warzone were changed this year, no longer was the objective to climb the ladder to retrieve the title, instead it was now and elimination match with the last man standing being declared the winner. The new stipulation ruled that the only was to be eliminated was to be thrown through a door, thus exiting the match.

Effen eliminated four of the 5 other participants LocKANE, Max Mayhem, Muzlem and Nathan Reynolds making this a dominant defense of his title. FEAR THE BEARD!!!

ThumbnailSCOTTY STOPPED at 519 days, a Black day for SSW!

Scott Renwick came out to announce the the SSW fans that his time in wrestling may unfortunately be over. He had recently been recieving medical treatment on his knee with inflamation and suspected arthritis.

Bang Tidy Britain were not happy at the support of Scotty by the crowd and so attacked him, leaving him laying in the ring as they left. Shocked silence from the crowd was followed by chants of 'Scotty', as this happened Nathan Blacks music hit as everyones worst fears were realised, with Nathan cashing in his KOTB Title shot on an already fallen champion.
Click here for the video...

ThumbnailSSW Visit Armadale Primary
When Armadale primary got in touch to see if we would be able to help them with their fair to help raise funds for the school SSW was happy to help. Muzlem, Nathan Black, Sara and LocKANE all made the time to appear.

Kids, parents and teachers were all able to meet and have photo's taken with the wrestlers, with money being donated to the school for each photo.

Click here for more...


Livingston saw a handful of new champions as Nathan Black won the SPWO U.K. Title from Dickie Divers, Effen Awsome won the Hardcore title in Castle Mackula and also the Lost Luchadors winning the tag team gold from the banned in possibly the biggest upset of the night.

The tag team titles with be defended at Superclash as 'The Banned' cash in their re-match clause against the Lost Luchadors. Also Effen Awsome will be making his first Hardcore title defense, meaning on one thing, a trail of destruction as whoever he will face will surely tear the house down. The SPWO U.K. and SSW Title will also be contested on the night.

ThumbnailLocKANE, time to shine or forever to be forgotten?
LocKANE has had an eventful 3 years in SSW from being squashed by Damage INc in his little blue trunks to being put in a casket, held hostage by Effen Awsome, burned alive, reincarnated, locked in a freezer, powerbombed in the sea, he has even had his car stolen. But what next?, With more attempts to defeat Effen for the 24/7 hardcore title, than Wil E Coyote has had trying to catch the Roadrunner, will he ever gain success or respect in the company?

Only time will tell for this youngster, will he forever be remembered as the boy in the fridge or will LocKANE step up to bigger and better things?. His chance to make an impact will come this Saturday in the Regal Rumble, can LocKane shock the world?

Who is this new face in SSW? where did he come from, what are his plans in the company and why is he called MEAT?

Nicknamed the MIZ by people who see him, this new wrestler on the scene will get the chance to speak at the next SSW show SUPERCLASH. His interview will be filmed and posted here as we finally get the answers to all the questions about the man known simply as MEAT!

ThumbnailFriday 31st of August - 10 Man Title Match!
History and Tradition wait for no man, and for the last 5 years since the 10 Man Title match was brought into the Tainted Tradition event, NO WRESTLER has walked in champion and left with their belt!

Now the 6th annual 10MTM comes to Armadale Academy,, with MVK looking to break the curse of the SPWO U.K. Title at Tainted Tradition. Can anyone win this match AS CHAMPION?

Be there Live on Friday the 31st of August to find out, as SSW brings the action to Armadale for the first time in its history.


Previous times Money in Bank The history of the 10MTM (10 Man Title Match)
2007 - Muzlem entered as champion after 456 day title reign but lost to Jason Bang
2008 - Chris Bang entered champion, U.K. Kid left the winner
2009 - U.K. Kid entered as champion having retained since the previous 10MTM (365 day reign), he lost to BT Gunn
2010 - BT Gunn entered as champion having retained since the previous 10MTM (357 day reign), he lost to Andy Wild

2011 - Muzlem went into the 10MTM once again as champion and again due to the curse of Tainted Tradition lost the belt, MVK WON!
2012 - MVK enters as champion having retained since the previous 10MTM, can he stop the curse or will we see a new champion???

The Rules
ENTRY - Two wrestlers enter and every two minutes therafter another wrestler enters until all 10 have entered the match (Drawn at Random)
ELIMINATION - Elimination can occur by Pinfall, Submission or being thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor.
The RULES - As above with NO DISQUALIFICATION and Pinfalls count anywhere in the building.

Next Show - 31/8/12- Tainted Tradition, Friday 31st August 2012, Armadale Academy!


'The Banned' are back together!

Since February, 'The Banned' had beebroken down to two members, Mark Anthony and Jackie Polo. They called themselves the better half and were a thorn in the side of the Tag Team Champions WMD, pushing them further than any other team before them.

At Summersmash, The Banned would re-unite as Mark Sweeney appeared near the end of the title match with WMD, causing 'The Better Half' to get the win and the Tag Team Titles. It will not be the 'Better Half' That goes down in the history books, but instead The Banned. What next for the faction and who can stop them taking over SSW!


Training places available at the Scottish School of Wrestling.

New training spaces have just become available at SSW, with further details below.

Classes held at the DOJO in Whitburn
Sunday - 7.00pm til 9.00pm
Monday - 7.00pm til 9.00pm

Class held at MSBA in Bathgate
Tuesday - 7.00pm til 8.00pm

Further classes also available by request.

You can contact SSW via e-mail at for more information or simply visit