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Right here is where we will keep you up to date with additions to the SSW Network and plans for upcoming titles.

So what can we expect to see on the SSW network, well we have plans for an array of different content...but we aim to get much more of our video library online which dates back to 2002. We also aim to bring a variety of diferent things including coverage of the 24/7 title and a behind the curtain look of what goes on in and around wrestling shows.

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We have a huge video library which dates back from 2002, which includes many wrestlers such as

- WWE Star Finn Balor (Prince Devitt)
- WOS, TNA and ICW star Grado
- WWE U.K. star, former SSW Worlds champion and ICW Favourite Wolfgang
WWE U.K. and ICW star BT Gunn
- NXT Stars Nikki Cross (Nikki Storm) and Killian Dane (Damien O Connor)
- WWE Star Noam Dar

This is only a small sample as there is also Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, Kevin Thorn, Drew Mcintye (Galloway), Johnny Moss, Jonny Storm, Jigsaw, Matt Cross MDOGG20, Joe E Legend, Girl Dynamite Jennifer Blake, Apollo Crews (Uhaa Nation), Piper Niven (Vyper), Kay Lee Ray, Doug Williams, Johnny Kidd, Kenny Williams, Mark Andrews and many many more...include all the home grown talent.

ThumbnailSHOWDOWN 2017 FAULHOUSE (Added October 3rd)

The first ever event in Fauldhouse, the hometown of young SSW wrestler and former champion Kaiden King.

This would see a brutal match to end a bitter rivalry from former best friends. Kaiden King and Muzlem formerly known as the SESH, split and they were about to leave it all on the line in this epic showdown for the 24/7 hardcore title.

Kaiden began his journey as a fan following Muzlem as a kid, to a trainee being taught by his mentor, to a champion with all the work paying off, to a bitter enemy desperate for revenge!

ThumbnailKing of the BING 2012 (Latest Addition)

Arguably one of the best tournaments in its long history, the 2012 history saw its most historic feat of intestinal fortitude as Scott Renwicks never say die attitude overcome all the odds.

KOTB is the annual 8 man tournament with the winner getting a 12 month open title contract to face any champion, anywhere and at any time. No person has ever failed to win after cashing in, with it not always being for the SSW Worlds Title.

NXT Star Nikki Cross (Nikki Storm) is the only female wrestler ever to have competed in the tournament. (was this year, just a random fact)

ThumbnailRegal Rumble 2014

Includes the huge Regal Rumble match with 31 entrants making it the biggest Rumble in SSW History.

We also saw a huge match up between Uhaa Nation (Apollo Crews in WWE) Vs El Technico Vs TJ Rage Vs BT Gunn (WWE U.K. and ICW)

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All this and much more exclusive behind the scenes footage.

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