ThumbnailThe countdown is on to crown a new KING!
The Scottish School of Wrestling will be holding its 13th KOTB tournament at the Regal Theatre in Bathgate.

This is an annual 8 man tournament where the winner recieves a (Money in the Bank) style breifcase, which earns them a title shot anywhere, anytime and for any title.

The first entrant to the tournament will be 'Bad Boy' Liam Thompson, arguably Scotlands best wrestler, with more entrants to be announced soon.

Also for the first time ever a pre tournament qualifying show will be held at the SSW training facility on the 25th of January, with the winner gaining entry to the main tournament. Tickets to this even are limited and can be obtained through 07788594699. Tickets for the main show and all others can be purchased from the Regal Theatre in Bathgate.


Saturday 31st January - Regal Theatre Bathgate - KOTB Tournament

Saturday 21st February - Regal Theatre Bathgate - Deviant Destruction

Saturday 28th March - Regal Theatre Bathgate - Muscle N Mayhem

Saturday 25th April - Regal Theatre Bathgate - Collision

Saturday 30th May - Regal Theatre Bathgate - Road 2 Wrestlewars

Saturday 27th June - Regal Theatre Bathgate - Wrestlewars

Saturday 25th July - Regal Theatre Bathgate - Summersmash

Saturday 29th August - Regal Theatre Bathgate - Tainted Tradition

Saturday 26th September - Regal Theatre Bathgate - Meltdown

Saturday 31st October - Regal Theatre Bathgate - Guts N Glory

Saturday 14th November - Regal Theatre Bathgate - REGAL RUMBLE


SSW now training out of the new training facility based in Bathgate at 2 Easton road, can now offer everything you need to break into the wrestling scene. With two stories offering a full gym, large matted room upstairs and a ring with matted area downstairs. Beginners class every sunday 10-1, more experienced users get 24 hour access (the only school that offers this)

SSW have run live shows since 2006 and having given more opportunities to break into wrestling than any other promotion in Scotland. With a new close relationship with W3L and PBW this is the best time ever to get involved. 07788594699 to arrange a drop in or for more information. check for more information.


Give the kids a day they will never forget with the Scottish School of Wrestling Birthday parties.

With various price plans to suit all budgets, our goal is to give your kids the best day possible, creating special memories.

For more information >>click the link<<, or why not call 07788594699 to arrange a drop in at the venue to see what we can do for you.






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