Financial collapse of the Regal Theatre in Bathgate has saw SSW returns to its old stomping ground Bathgate Scout Hall.

Since 2011 SSW ran the Regal theatre monthly, bringing entertaining family shows to the community. Now we see a breif return to the 'Spiritual home' of the Scout Hall, ran between 2007-2011. This has saw many including fan favourite and former SSW champion Kaiden King very excited at the prospect.

With many former wrestlers, including some of the newer ones excited to take a short nostalgic trip down memory lane

One man who certainly is not happy with return is SSW Worlds champion Mikey Ratings who has seen this as a collapse and a downgrade. Sighting that it is due to this 'Nostalgia' and not letting go of the 'Old Guard' like Damage INc, Muzlem and others which hinders, which he sees as his companies growth and progress.

The champion will be busy defending his title on the night but has promised that there will be the biggest shake up in the companies history and that this Meltdown that SSW is facing is simply clearing away all the deadwood. He was quoted as saying "Kintsugi in Japan is when you repair old broken things using gold...well SSW is exactly that...BROKEN! and well i have a plan to fix it using Kintsugi"

Who knows what that could mean for SSW and the return to Bathgate Scout hall... one thing for certain is that the champion has definetely been disgruntled with what he sees as the poor booking of shows and the use of certain talent he deems irrelevant. With owner Dave Jeremi having angered him over recent months, not featuring the champion in the main event slot, opting for older more established names. It may be Dave that suffers the wrath of the 7ft champions aggression.


Sara will be at 2011days as champion...YES OVER FIVE YEARS THE SSW DIAMONDS CHAMPION... she has beaten everyone Carmel, Kay Lee Ray, Bobbi Tyler, Leah Owens, Casey Owens, Lucy Cole, Emily Hayden, Lana Austin... the list seems never ending.

Well now she faces Jokey, a newcomer to SSW but not wrestling, she is a wild unknown quantity in the company, accompanied to the ring with her partner the 'Italian Sensation' Paxxo. Can she tare the belt from the champions iron like grip? or will Sara prove that Diamonds are indeed forever!

ThumbnailA Return home for DAMAGE INc

The return home to the old stomping ground of the Bathgate Scout Hall will be a return home for Damage INc who inflicted pain on all their opponents there from 2007-2011.

The 4x SSW tag team champion were immediately confirmed for the Meltdown show and have laid an open challenge to any SSW tag teams past or present! who will accept their challenge on September 30th?

Get your tickets at the door on the night to see it live...


SSW now has two training buildings fully equiped with mats and rings. One 16ft ring and one 18ft ring, SSW also has a fully equiped media sweet with broadband. The buildings also include exercise equipement and weights.

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