ThumbnailDare you enter the WARZONE!!!
SSW is all set for change in 2014, new management making their first real impact with the announcement that the Scottish School of Wrestling will be at the Regal Theatre Bathgate every month of 2014.

The second big change announced, is that no longer will the events be individually named like in the past with tainted tradition and Redmeption etc, but instead each event will be named simply Warzone and filmed for youtube.

So now the action kicked off in January with the first event KOTB, get yourself along to the Regal Theatre Bathgate the home of professional wrestling, to see action packed thrills and spills that the whole family can enjoy. Tickets on sale now for all SSW shows.

Next Show

- 21/06/14- WRESTLEWARS, Saturday 21st June 2014, Regal Theatre Bathgate - INCLUDES WARZONE

ThumbnailWORLDS CHAMPION OPEN CHALLENGE - (Saturday, 14th June 2014)

SSW Worlds champion Mike Musso laid down an open champion after he missed the last event at the Regal Theatre in Bathgate.

Mike who defeated W3L champion Nathan Reynolds at Howden Park in Livingston, put out an open challenge to ANYONE, proving himself to be a fighting champion.

Who will answer his challenge at the Regal Theatre on the 21st of June, it could be anyone, including other fan favourites making this a very unpredictable match.

Thumbnail24/7 INSANITY - (Saturday, 24th May 2014)

British wrestling veteran and star of WOS (World of Sport) Johnny Kidd added himself to the mythology of the SSW 24/7 Hardcore title, outsmarting Euan G Mackie backstage at Howden park in Livingston.

Euan would gain not only a little vengeance but also his 24/7 title back after hunting for Kidd backstage and pinning him while he slept.

Check out the shennanigans of the 24/7 title on youtube here....

ThumbnailSet to TAKE HIM OUT!!! - (Friday, 21st March 2014)

Davey Blaze is set to return to SSW for the first time since 2010. A young rookie back then Blaze has since went on to great success all over the U.K., mainly in BCW, ICW and PBW in Scotland.

Davey has also since appeared on ITV show take me out and BBC documentary Insane Fight Club.

Saturday the 29th of March he will aim to 'TAKE OUT' Kid Fite at the Regal Theatre in Bathgate, Tickets available now from the Regal box office.

ThumbnailNEW SSW Champion - (Saturday, 22nd February 2014)

Mike Musso finally became the new SSW champion after waiting since November 2013 to get his long overdue title shot, following his Regal Rumble win.

Charles Boddington was not impressed by Mike's attitude before and after the match, now seeming to have his sights set on his 'favourite' Kid Fite to take the title.

ThumbnailA New King is Crowned!

After appearing with the BCW title KID FITE would then reveal 'THE HOSTILE TAKEOVER' with Charles Boddington then revealing himself as the new owner and sending former owner Muzlem home.

Fite receiving a bye in the quarter final against Muzlem would go in fresh against young favourite Kenny Williams, then on to defeat the SPWO U.K. champion El Technico in the Final. This tournament win secures Fite a a 12 month title shot for any title, anywhere and at any time. With the new owner in his corner and the muscle of TJ Rage, the sky seems the limit for this most hated but undeniably talented young wrestler.


Well after a whole lot of speculation and uncertainty last year, we finally found out who now owns the Scottish School of Wrestling. 'The Manager of Champions' Charles Boddington who used to manage WWE stars Drew McIntyre and Sheamus and is also the owner of BCW British Championship Wrestling appeared on the night. He did not come alone as he was backed by BCW stars TJ Rage and current BCW heavyweight champion Kid Fite.

What does Boddington have in store for SSW??

ThumbnailNEW SPWO U.K. Champion!

Once again the curse of the infamous 10 man title match strikes, Nathan Black another victim added to the list of TMT entrants as champions leaving without the title. Since 2007 not one champion has entered the match and retained the title and 2013 was to be no different.

New champion El Technico was the man who managed to secure the victory and the title.

Click here for the video...

ThumbnailSARA longest reigning champion in SSW ever!

Following the last show of 2013, Sara had racked up an amazing 604 days as SSW Diamonds champion... much like her music 'Diamonds are forever' by Kanye West, it would appear that it would indeed be Sara that is the Diamonds champion forever.

For some clips of Sara in action.

ThumbnailEFFEN Unstoppable!

With only Musselburgh left to go for 2013.... Effen Awsome is still the Hardcore champion and looks absolutely unstoppable. Can anyone in 2014 put an end to his reign in the WARZONE or will the belt simply be .... HIS TITLE!!!

To check out the entrance video for Effen with some of highlights from his run, click the link below.
Click here for the video...



Mike Musso would be the 2013 Regal Rumble winner, earning himself a show at the SSW Worlds Title against Nathan Black. Other big news in the rumble... indeed giant news was... that the 7ft Prince of Pain would retire after failing to win yet again.

A fitting end to Prince of Pain as it was Mike Musso who trained him and gave him his break into professional wrestling and so an emotional farwell as he held aloft the hand of his trainer on the way out.

Click here for the video...

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So why wait create your own versions of the SSW wrestlers, your own fantasy venues or anything else you would like to submit.

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This page is dedicated to all the great fans who have supported the Scottish School of Wrestling over the years andinto the future.

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